Senate Proves Nyman Wrong


Local Aid and Welfare Should have been Debated 

Rockland, MA – Today Lou Valanzola, candidate for State Representative, pointed out the Massachusetts State Senate will be debating the entire budget.  Welfare reform and local aid amendments have not been prohibited like in the House budget.

“I was extremely disappointed that Rep. Nyman voted with the Speaker to prohibit budget amendments on local aid and welfare reform.  The entire budget should be debated,” said Valanzola.  “When you only spend 3 days debating $36 billion in spending, it is wrong not to debate every aspect.  Local aid is huge to our communities.  It should have never been taken off the table.”

Last month before debating the House budget, the Speaker proposed an order to prohibit all amendments on local aid and welfare reform.  The spin was that these matters had been previously considered.  However, the Senate had considered similar legislation but they did not pass a prohibition on amendments.  Nyman voted with the Speaker to prohibit welfare and local aid amendments.  She took 26 percent of the budget off the table.

“I strongly believe that these prohibition amendments clearly show that Rep. Nyman cares more about the Speaker than the people of her district.  As the next State Representative I will put our district first not partisan politics,” said Valanzola.

“Welfare reform has been stuck in conference committee.  It is slowly being killed there.  Once again prohibiting welfare reform amendments it shows that Rep. Nyman doesn’t really want to fix the system that is wasting hundreds of millions of our tax dollars,” added Valanzola.


Lou Valanzola is currently employed as a Controller in Brockton.   He earned a degree in Accounting from Bentley University in 1984.  In addition to being a Selectman in Rockland, he’s also been involved in the community as a member of the Cable TV advisory board.  He was also a member of the volunteer Crossing guard committee which returned them in 2002 after a 12 year hiatus.  He also coached little league baseball and girls basketball.   He is also a member of the Rockland LION’s club.

Lou Valanzola can be reached at 617-827-3454 or, if you would like to find out more information about Valanzola’s candidacy please check his website


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